Their birthday is coming up and you don’t know what gift to get them. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift to top last year’s gift. You think about their interests and hobbies and know that they love – err – are obsessed with CrossFit. But what could they possibly need? Don’t they provide all the equipment at the CrossFit gym? Actually, there are a ton of CrossFit gifts that you can get them that they would love. From knee sleeves, to mobility equipment, to weightlifting shoes, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for CrossFitters. These CrossFit gift ideas will help you give the best CrossFit gift ever.

1. Jump Rope

crossfit jumprope

©Rogue Fitness

Every crossfitter should own their own jumprope, and it’s easy to because they aren’t very expensive. A good jump rope measured to the right length will help your crossfitter get their double unders (aka dubs) perfected in no time. Check out Amazon for cheap jump rope options. One of my personal favorites is the Spealler Speed Rope, one of the many jump ropes sold at Rogue Fitness. While I prefer small, light handles with a thin rope, some people like thicker handles. If that’s the case, check out the Rx Smart Gear jump ropes where you can customize your own jump rope colors.

2. Knee Sleeves

rehband knee sleeves


Knee sleeves are always a great gift for crossfitters. Knee sleeves aren’t just for people who have already suffered from knee injuries. In fact, many crossfitters wear knee sleeves as preventative care. Specifically when squatting, knee sleeves help keep the knees warm and compressed for extra support. Rehband is one of the most popular CrossFit knee sleeve brands and they sell many other compression products for other joints. It is important to note that many of the knee sleeves are sold in singles, so make sure you add two to the cart if you want a pair.

3. CrossFit Shoes

reebok crossfit nano shoes


What crossfitter doesn’t love a new pair of CrossFit shoes? Cross training shoes are absolutely essential for everyday WODs, so you know they’re going to use them. Two of the most popular shoes for CrossFit are the Reebok Nanos and the Nike Metcons. With new versions of these shoes coming out every year or so, get them the latest pair so they can show it off at the gym. Everyone loves a fresh pair of kicks so, in my opinion, this is one of the best CrossFit gifts you can give.

4. Weightlifting Shoes

nike weightlifting shoes

©Rogue Fitness

While most crossfitters have cross training shoes, not all of them have weightlifting shoes. What’s the difference between the two? Well, weightlifting shoes have a thick platform in the heel that is not cushioned like normal shoes. These are great for squatting and doing Olympic weightlifting so that none of the power is absorbed through the cushion. While these aren’t 100% necessary for the normal crossfitter, many like using them during strength cycles or while working on weightlifting technique. Check out Rogue Fitness for a huge selection of weightlifting shoes.

5. Weightlifting Belt

weightlifting belts

©Rogue Fitness

Similar to weightlifting shoes, the weightlifting belt is another accessory that many crossfitters like to use during heavy lifting. It is used to keep the core tight and back straight when deadlifting or squatting heavy. Also, belts can be used when doing the snatch and clean & jerk. While some coaches may not advise relying on a belt every day, it can be helpful to have on max out days.

6. Socks

stance socks

©Stance Socks

A pair of socks with a cool or funny design on them are a great stocking stuffer. Fun socks are becoming more popular in the workplace and also in the CrossFit box. Get them a pair of American flag or bacon designed socks for them to show off at the gym. A few cool sock brands include Stance Socks and Sox Box.

7. Headbands

junk headbands.

©Junk Brands

Both girls and guys alike can appreciate a headband that catches the sweat dripping down their face during long chippers. Headbands should be washed nearly as often as socks. Gift them a colorful headband to add to their headband collection and you’ll be helping them keep their face clear from sweat. Check out Junk Headbands for some cool and classic headband designs. I also recommend lululemon headbands for women looking to keep their hair in place.

8. Rock Guards Shin Skins

rock guards shin skins


Rope climbs and box jumps can do damage to any crossfitter’s shins. Oftentimes socks aren’t enough to protect legs from rope burns or a missed box jump, so a thick pair of shin skins are very useful.

9. Ab Mat

rogue abmat.

©Rogue Fitness

The ab mat is a classic and easy to use piece of CrossFit equipment and makes for a great gift to any crossfitter. An ab mat is easy to take with on road trips or can be used at home for additional core work while watching TV.

10. Kettlebell

rogue kettlebells

©Rogue Fitness

$22-223 (~$1.15/lb.)
Don’t have the budget or space for a barbell? A kettlebell is a great alternative and can be used to add weighted movements to any CrossFit workout. Kettlebells can be used for swings, snatches, thrusters, deadlifts, farmers carries and much more. Rogue offers kettlebells from 9 pounds to 203 pounds. Fringe Sport also offers a variety of kettlebells. Or, check out some unique kettlebells in the shapes of skulls, gorillas and demons.

11. Gymnastics Rings

gymnastics rings crossfit gifts.

©Rogue Fitness

If they’re looking to improve their muscle-ups and ring dips, a set of gymnastics rings is the perfect CrossFit gift. Light, easy to assemble and portable, rings are great for anyone looking to add to their home gym.

12. Wrist Wraps

nordic lifting wrist wraps

©Nordic Lifting

Heavy overhead squats and snatches are bound to put stress on an athlete’s wrists. A wrist injury could keep them out of the box for weeks. Make sure they are protecting their wrists with a new set of wrist wraps. Wraps come in different colors, thicknesses, and lengths. While some use Velcro as a fastener, others tie like a shoelace. I recommend Nordic Lifting wrist wraps or Rogue wrist wraps. You can find plenty of good wraps out there for reasonable prices.

13. WOD dice

wod dice crossfit gift.

©WOD Dice

WOD dice are a fun way to pick a randomized workout when you don’t feel like programming yourself. They can be used on days that the gym doesn’t program workouts or for at home WODs.

14. Hand Maintenance

jaw grips hand maintenance

©WOD Superstore

Do you constantly notice they have ripped hands and bad calluses? A nice gift would be a hand maintenance kit. There are a few different items you could get them, all for relatively cheap.

  1. Hand Grips – It is likely that every week they will be hanging from a pull-up bar. Hand grips are a great gift because they can protect hands from ripping. I personally like the JAW Pullup Grips – they are a cloth material that are very light and feel as though nothing is on your hands. They have small sizes that fit female and youth hands well. Another popular option are thicker, leather grips that you can find online. Some other unique options are the Natural Grip and Barehand Gloves.
  2. Lotion – Not just normal hand lotion, but a thicker, wax like lotion can help heal open wounds fast. WOD Repair Lotion has a few good options or check out the hand care section on WOD Superstore.
  3. Cuticle cutter – Every crossfitter should be cutting down their calluses. The best tool I’ve used is a cuticle cutter that you can find in any drug store or online.
  4. Pummous stone – having a pummous stone of these in the shower to grind down calluses is always a good idea. These are inexpensive and you can find these in any drug store, too.

15. Supplements

purepharma supplements.


Buying fish oil and high quality protein every month can get expensive. It is always a treat to get a new flavor protein or an extra container of creatine that you’ve been running low on. A personal favorite of mine is the seasonal Progenex Peppermint Bark protein. While I typically don’t buy Progenex due to the high price, having the Peppermint Bark a few times a week as a post-workout shake is like dessert to me. PurePharma offers a very high quality fish oil that I recommend (and yes, quality does matter). Before you go off buying any sort or pre or post workout supplement, find out what they’re currently using. Many people can be picky about flavors and brands, so make sure you double check before purchasing.

17. Paleo Meal Delivery

ice age meals paleo delivery.

©Ice Age Meals

If they love to eat, but hate to cook, consider buying them a set of meals from a meal delivery service. In many cities there are local delivery services that offer paleo and other healthy weekly meal options. Ice Age Meals offers frozen meal delivery in the US and even has free shipping on all orders of 12 meals and up.

18. CrossFit Apparel Gifts

crossfit women's apparel.

©WOD Superstore

If you’re beloved crossfitter goes to the gym 5 times a week, it’s likely that they end up wearing their same cool clothes (we all have our one favorite tank we love to wear to the box). Getting new apparel for the gym is even more exciting than new clothes for work.

CrossFit apparel for girls – From leggings to tank tops to booty shorts to sports bras, you can’t go wrong buying your girls some new workout apparel.
CrossFit apparel for guys – A new pair of shorts, some man tights (they’re in!) or a cool t-shirt is a great gift to give.

Here are a handful of sites to shop through:
• Reebok
• Nike
• Lululemon
• WOD Super Store
• Rogue Fitness
• Caffeine and Kilos
• 2Pood
RedLine Gear

19. Barbell and Plates

rogue barbell and plates gift for crossfitter.

©Rogue Fitness

Getting a starter set of plates and a barbell would be a CrossFitter’s dream come true for the garage gym they’ve always wanted to start. Most places offer package deals where you can get a barbell and bumper plates for a good deal. Make sure to do some research before purchasing. Here are some sites to look into:
• Rogue Fitness
• Again Faster
• York Barbell
• Fringe Sport
Wright Equipment
Titan Fitness
Get RX’d

20. Magazine subscription

the box magazine.

©Box Magazine

Are they so into CrossFit that they can’t stop talking about it? Give them something to read like a fitness magazine. Here’s a list of CrossFit and fitness magazines:
The Box Mag
Sweat Rx Magazine
WOD Talk Magazine
Box Life Magazine
Strong Fitness Magazine
Muscle & Performance
Men’s Fitness

21. Reading material

books about crossfit.

©Rogue Fitness

Similar to the magazine subscription, buying a book is also a great CrossFit gift. Some of the most popular CrossFit related books are:

  • Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett
  • Olympic Weightlifting by Greg Everett
  • Power Speed Endurance by Brian Mackenzie
  • First: What it takes to Win by Rich Froning
  • 10-Minute Toughness by Jason Selk
  • Inside the Box by T.J Murphy
  • CrossFit WOD Bible by P. Selter

22. Cover their box membership for a month

crossfit box membership gift.

©August Geier

$125-175+ (location dependent)
Everyone knows that CrossFit is very expensive, especially compared to Globo gyms. It’s hard to give up CrossFit once you get into it and sometimes the cost can be burdensome. Cover their membership fee and you’ll be able to remind them all month long that you’re the reason they are going to be fit as hell.

23. Mobility equipment & accessories

crossfit mobility products.

©Rogue Fitness

“I’m so sore” –said every crossfitter ever.
Make them stop whining by gifting them mobility equipment. Mobility equipment in CrossFit can be used to stretch, increase mobility, loosen muscles, and target areas that are particularly sore. Some of the most popular items include:

  • Foam Roller – used to massage sore and tight muscles all over your body to help quick recovery
  • Lacrosse ball – For more specific and hard to reach trigger points, specifically breaking up muscle knots
  • Mobility stick – an alternative to using a barbell when you want to smash out your quads
  • Voodoo floss – wrap this around stiff tissues or use to add compression to swelling and sore areas

You can find most of these items on Amazon or through Rogue’s mobility section

24. Mobility Exercises Subscription

romwod mobility subscription.


If they already have all the mobility accessories, consider buying them a subscription to one of a few different mobility video resources. RomWod is a yoga-like daily video that leads crossfitters in a 15-30 minute stretching routine that, over time, increases mobility (and makes sore legs feel great). Or check out Dr. Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD , which has a huge library of videos scientifically explaining mobility in specific areas and how to increase and fix mobility issues. RomWod is an easy to follow every-day guide to stretching and MobilityWOD has hundreds of videos explaining correct movement of the body.

25. Massage or Chiropractic work

give the gift of a massage to crossfitters.


Any sore CrossFitter would love to get a sports massage or be adjusted by a chiropractor. But with gym memberships costing well over $100/month, paying for these services are out of reach for many. Pamper them with a massage and they will be eternally grateful to you for helping them heal their sore hamstrings.

26. Shaker Bottle

blender bottle.

©Blender Bottle

Simple and effective. It’s nice to have a few shaker bottles on hand if you go to the gym every day. Post workout protein shakes are an absolute necessity and having the right bottle to get a smooth consistency is ideal. Plus, it’s nice to have a few in case one is left in the dirty dishwasher from last night. I recently got a BlenderBottle that has a bottom compartment for my protein powder. That way I can store my pre-workout formula in the regular part of the bottle and dump in my protein easily after the workout is over without having to bring my whole protein container or wait until I get home.

27. FitAid or Kill Cliff

fitaid crossfit beverage.


These post-workout drinks are delicious and satisfying. Kill Cliff is a recovery drink developed by a former Navy Seal. It’s lightly carbonated with a blood-orange flavor. There’s no sugar in it and it includes a bunch of vitamins. FitAid is a pre and post workout citrus drink that contains B complex, green tea leaf extract and quercetic for a natural pick me up. It also has vitamins and BCAAs that help with recovery. They taste good and are a treat to have after a hard workout.

28. Sign them up for a local competition

local crossfit competition.

©The Bar Athletics

Are they a competition fanatic and love doing local box competitions every month? Or maybe they haven’t done one yet but have always wanted to try one. Search around on Facebook and Eventbrite for local CrossFit competitions and purchase their entry fee. This could be your way of showing them support in something that they love. Just make sure you know what division to sign them up for (you don’t want to sign them up for Rx if they can’t do a pull-up!).

29. Gift cards

reebok gift card.


$Your Choice!
While gift cards are the classic gift of “I didn’t know what to get you,” it’s still a great gift if you get it to one of their favorite stores. Check out their clothes or see what they’ve been browsing via online shopping (be careful checking their browser history!).

30. Cover their CrossFit Level 1 Certification

crossfit L1 certification.


If they’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year or have ever talked about getting certified in CrossFit, consider covering their Level 1 (L1) certification cost. The L1 certification is the way to get certified to coach CrossFit. These weekend long certifications are held all over the world year round. Here they will learn all the fundamental movements of CrossFit by the most knowledgeable fitness experts. You can find the list of L1 certifications online at If they already have their Level 1, consider the other levels of certification (did you know there are four levels?).

31. CrossFit Specialty Courses

culinary ninja crossfit specialty course

©Paleo Nick

$300-1,000 (varies by course)
If they have their L1 certification, they might be interested in these CrossFit Specialty Courses.
These courses are offered as a tool to help broaden trainers’ knowledge in methodologies best for improving fitness. They include:

• CrossFit Kids Trainer Course
• CrossFit Scaling Course
• CrossFit Competitor’s Trainer Course
• CrossFit Specialty Course: Aerobic Capacity
• CrossFit Specialty Course: Culinary Ninja
• CrossFit Defense Athlete Course
• CrossFit Defense Trainer Course
• CrossFit Football Trainer Course
• CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course
• CrossFit Gymnastics Advanced Trainer Course
• CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course
• CrossFit Kettlebell Advanced Trainer Course
• CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course
• CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course (one-day or two-day)
• CrossFit Striking Trainer Course
• CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course
• CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course
• CrossFit Weightlifting Advanced Trainer Course
You can find more information about them at

32. Seminars and retreats

power monkey fitness camp.

©Power Monkey Fitness

$300-1,000 (varies by course)

There are seminars and retreats offered to CrossFit fanatics all over the world. Consider signing them up for an upcoming seminar in your area. Here are some popular seminars and retreats:

  • Mobility WOD seminar by Kelly Starrett
  • Coach & CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman
  • Power Monkey Fitness – A team of gymnasts and weightlifters have created a week long camp focusing on mastering gymnastics, weightlifting and other aspects of training. They also hold weekend clinics for specific needs.
  • Local weightlifting, gymnastics and CrossFit seminars or athlete talks (search Facebook & Eventbrite)
  • Coach Burgener, renowned Olympic Weightlifting coach and head of CrossFit Weightlifing

33. Tickets to a Regionals competition or The CrossFit Games

crossfit games stadium tickets.


Are they obsessed with watching the CrossFit Games every year? Do they follow all the Games athletes on social media? If so they would probably love to go to the nearest Regionals competition or The CrossFit Games so they can watch the action live. Book the flights and get tickets – it will be a weekend that they’ll never forget.

While there are hundreds of other good CrossFit gift ideas, this list will get you started with brainstorming what to get your CrossFit-obsessed loved one. Whether it be their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, a CrossFit gift is always a great gift to give.